There is an old saying (don't ask me who said it) that goes "Talking about music is like dancing about architecture" where I get the title of this column from. Music is an entirely subjective medium, and no song is either "good" or "bad", it all depends on the listener. No matter what I say about music, feel free to completely disregard anything I say and go and do your own thing. I'm just sharing my personal thoughts on composition from my own experiences in game music composition. It's also really a self-gratifying ego thing :)

Today's column won't be really have any content in it. I'm just introducing myself and my experience so you readers get some sort of a vague notion that I kinda know what I'm talking about :)

Here we go... I play Guitar and a bit of Piano, and I have been composing music on the computer for several years, starting when I was 14 with the 4-track MOD tracker ModEdit 1.0. Didn't make anything that spectacular. Over the next few years I played around with different tracking programs and dabbled a bit in MIDI. Then I began to program The ARC Legacy, a post-apocalyptic RPG made in QBasic. I planned to have MIDI support, and had even composed a couple of tracks for the overworld and introduction when I ran into major memory problems and had to cut out the MIDI in order to get the game finished. The sequel (still in development at the time of this column), "The ARC Network" has MIDI and I am currently composing several songs for it. You can hear some of them at my website. Around the time I started work on The ARC Network I began to explore my opportunities in music composition on the Indie game dev scene, offering my services to anyone interested at the GDR. I'm currently composing the soundtracks to two RPG's including Mandrake's epic "The Changeling", a platform adventure game called Gorgon's Blood, and I am co-composing the soundtrack to the Serious Sam modification HiT-SQUAD with team leader Aaron "Mailman" Bishop. I also regularly participate in the game music challenges at the GDR's Distortion Board.

Keep coming back to RPGDX in the future for my next columns where I delve into my theories behind game music composition. I'll try to get one column up a week but I really don't keep schedules that well :)