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King of this little castle

July 30, 2006 23:16

Much More Music!

So, I've been faithfully following my song a day schedule (for the most part, some days got unavoidably left behind, and there were a couple of lazy days). I just haven't been updating this website with them, so without further ado - Pipe organ fugue - Pop-punk - String Quartet - XM-format music contest entry - Thrash Metal - Inspired by Stephen King's Dark Tower series, I was trying to make Roland's theme. - Smooth Jazz, detective movie style

(day 21 is my Dwelling of Duels entry, which must remain anonymous until voting is complete) - 50's happy sitcom theme - Parody of both the Metal Gear Solid 3 theme and the Dragon Warrior theme. - Improvisational rock (each track was one uninterrupted improv take) - Dream Trance

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