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King of this little castle

April 12, 2010 19:45

HTML 5 and Canvas and ARC

I've been experimenting with HTML 5 and Canvas with Javascript lately. So far I've made a little space shooter game with randomly-generated waves of enemies of increasing difficulty.

It should work on the latest version of any major web browser except for Internet Explorer. I've found that Chrome and Safari have the best performance for the game right now.

I've decided after that experiment that I'm re-writing the engine to The ARC Legacy in HTML 5 with Canvas and Javascript. Reasons:
- This way what I make will be cross-platform automatically
- I'll be able to make a much more user-friendly map editor because I'll be using some of the built-in GUI functionality of a browser.
- I won't need to roll my own custom scripting engine and deal with its limitations because I can just use JavaScript itself for scripted events.
- Semi-transparent PNGs and Canvas drawing functions are sure to be a hit for the graphic effects.

The only potential problems I see are:
- Not sure if there's a reliable standard for audio and sound effects in HTML 5 yet
- Loading times include download times, so I'll have to be smart with preloading
- Saving and Loading may be problematic, though I could make those routines in PHP
- JavaScript can at times be a pain in the ass. However, I don't have to support any old browsers with this, since older browsers won't support the game period. So that cuts out 90% of the pain right off the bat.

Also, I really should get back into this game development, since the magnificent Josiah Tobin will be lending his pixel-wrangling skills to it.

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