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King of this little castle

April 18, 2010 09:23

Movin' along

I've been really cracking away at developing the new ARC Legacy engine. It's actually going to be much better than the existing one.

I've run into some problems with Firefox though. It seems that the drawimage function runs pretty slowly in Firefox with full-color PNGs. However Google Chrome runs it perfectly smoothly, in fact with a lot of processor power to spare. So I'm going to keep going the way I'm going in the hopes that Firefox gets up to speed by the time I have this done. HTML5/Canvas is still an emerging technology at this point, and the browsers are in a bit of a JavaScript speed war at the moment, so I'm hopeful that most browsers will support this game properly in the future.

I've already got the scripting engine going, though I still need to add methods for things like text boxes and scripted character movements. The BIG advantage of this scripting engine is it's based on JavaScript itself, using the eval() command. So the scripting engine can be used to affect ANYTHING in the game, opening up all sorts of neat opportunities that the old engine's scripting was incapable of.

Of course, this also means that there's a heightened chance of causing game-crashing bugs through the scripting engine, so I'll need to tread carefully.

Insert witty phrase here.